Thursday, 27 October 2011

Food on the Go, Packaging design

This is a one week group project. We have to devise brand Identity and packaging system for a new range of food that is designed to be consumed on the go. In our group we had to identify a gap in the market and a demand for a customer base. 

Each member of the group has been given responsibilities.
My role in this project is the brand identity, I have had to design a logo and design for the product.

Our concept is based on the plate design.

Our product is designed to give the consumer the opportunity to follow this rule easily by having the design broken into these separate compartments.

My role is the branding. I wanted the design to look rustic and display all the information necessary. 
Below is the initial inspiration from the American brand Au YEAH pale ale


Initial design

Further logo design and brand design

Final design of the Logo:
Initial packaging design


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