Thursday, 27 October 2011

'All Rounders' Food on the go business

An easy way to make sure you’re eating a healthy balanced meal is to use the ‘Plate method’. Your 9” plate should have:
- 1⁄2 fruits and veggies - 1⁄4 lean meat or protein - 1⁄4 grains or starches (like rice or pasta).

This design makes that healthy meal easy.

The packaging itself is made up of plastic containers which slots into a tray to form the meal. Customers can choose themselves what kind of food they want and a colour coded table will guide them to choose their food according to what meal plan they want to follow ie. 1/4 carbohydrate (ie. rice) 1/4 protein (ie. chicken) and 2/4 of vegetables and/or fruit.

Presentation sheets:

Photographs of the first Prototype:

Food on the Go, Packaging design

This is a one week group project. We have to devise brand Identity and packaging system for a new range of food that is designed to be consumed on the go. In our group we had to identify a gap in the market and a demand for a customer base. 

Each member of the group has been given responsibilities.
My role in this project is the brand identity, I have had to design a logo and design for the product.

Our concept is based on the plate design.

Our product is designed to give the consumer the opportunity to follow this rule easily by having the design broken into these separate compartments.

My role is the branding. I wanted the design to look rustic and display all the information necessary. 
Below is the initial inspiration from the American brand Au YEAH pale ale


Initial design

Further logo design and brand design

Final design of the Logo:
Initial packaging design


Sunday, 23 October 2011

Business Identity, John Steinbeck

I was given a name of a person for whom I had to devise a set of business stationary. The assumed style and presentation should clearly reflect my understanding of that person, and what is unique and special about them. The style of the stationary can be transposed to a contemporary feel.
I would consider business papers such as business cards, compliment slips and letterheads.
My person is John Steinbeck.
John Steinbeck writes social novels about economic problems of rural labour.
I have decided to work around the quote:

'Take notice'

This quote is relevant to how he writes about the hardship of the time and how you have to take notice of the area around you.
I started this project by using the word 'notice' and taking notice of the environment around us.

The project went various ways around the idea of looking trough a hole to notice themes that Steinbeck wrote about.
I designed a letter head, bookmark, business card and a wheel that could be given to students to learn about how themes of his books interlock with each other. The bookmark is designed to highlight certain words on the page of a book, to give a new story.

Design choices such as typeface and punctuation were carefully considered and the choice not to use a capital letter on his name was relevant and he was not a 'bold' man, he was only interested in getting people through the depression using the medium of writing.

below are a few photographs of the final designs 

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

whynotassociates and Gordon Young

Artist Gordon young and the whynotassociates have created a typographical artwork called the comedy carpet.
This I saw in the creative review.. it is absolutely insane. On my foundation in Chelsea we were told. 'follow/ stalk an agency you would like to work for... aim higher than you think'

I have followed the whynotassociates for a few years now and it is their execution of their design projects that is why they are at the top of the game. This comedy carpet is an idea.. jokes on the floor can be interoperated in various ways but as you can see from below the typographic imagery is why this project has got the national news (and the multimillion pound budget).
Congrats whynotassociates.

images from whynotassociates-

These magazines are where the inspiration came from, typography, imagery and colour were all absorbed into the project.