Thursday, 6 October 2011

FDA Visual communication- First project

So for this new course I will put work, inspiration and general interest on this blog. Not only for part of the course, but for me to archive the work throughout the last 2 years.
This first project is a group project and we had to create a series of three posters that share a graphic system/convention, and revolve around one distinct theme.

The content displayed will follow a single theme, but the posters should present 3 'facts' related to it that are:

- common knowledge
-an extraordinary fact
- a statement that is a complete lie.

Our agreed category was 'student loan'- a subject that is very close to us as a class.
We started by finding out how much we pay which is £3375 per year and we worked out that each day we are in class it costs us £47 per day.

I have personally started this project by thinking  that if it costs £47 per day.. If we miss class because we are hungover from drinking then we are wasting £47. Which is crazy.. Seriously makes me think twice about going out with a 9.30 start the next day.

Below is the first initial design and it will be refined when presented to the rest of our group.

The second design is the 'truth'
When submitted to the Crit the humour was understood. The Idea that £5 was wasted in the Club IAVA IGNITE in the form of being sick at the end of the night was acknowledged by the class. As to be fair does usually happen.

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