Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Book design.

This is the longest of all the projects so far in Vis Com. 3 weeks is the project length.

Books are designed usually to work within a set. Designers work to an element that would allow the books visually to fit together, usually by using a certain illustration style or a simple layout plan. Below is some current designs from waterstones thats reflect the layout designs.

So out of 7 authors to choose from I chose Martin Amis, a controversial author who writes about blunt truths, Holocaust and sex/drugs. 

He quotes 'only brain injury would make me write for children'....
so hes abit of a bad boy..

I need to create 6 designs for 6 books and 2 design are to be fully mocked up.

Book 1: 
Whilst looking through books wrote I came across this:

Martin Amis at the Guardian Book club.

The Book is about a nazi doctor during the holocaust..
The doctors literally did everything. The books explains about the heir achy within the camps.
So to start of with I have done a taxonomy project to a clock, taking the clock apart and putting the clock back together in the correct heir achy.
The main theme in the book is 'bringing things apart' and 'pulling things apart'
I aim to silk screen print the result.

From these layout I have made some prints. The outcome illustrates the book as the novel jumps about in different periods of time. 

From these prints I had to put together a design in 40 minuets.  Pretty stressful but got me a result that I can work on.

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